Star Citizen reverses the course of the credit rating


Yesterday we reported on Star Citizen’s decision to return an in-game credit grant that was meant to give regular players a boost, noting that the original amounts were inflating game-time payouts due of the counting problem. However, as the project moved towards rolling out the patch, everything was going to have a slight pain. CIG has changed its decision now.

While internal testing showed that deploying the credit adjustment should have taken minutes without any downtime, the actual patch deployment ended up taking hours. Additionally, the patch uncovered a number of additional system errors that had plagued the game earlier and were harder to remove after disconnecting their credit balance.

As a result of these issues, all players will receive one million aUEC back, regardless of account age or playtime. of data that handles aUEC issues knowing how long it takes to assemble is cool. There should be a Mr. Bean GIF there, where he keeps things growing. It was us, as the post says.

source: official forums, thanks to FailingToComply for the tip. Long-time MMORPG gamers will know that Star Citizen originally launched for over $2 million in 2012 with an expected 2014 launch. half hour on the game, in addition to earning over $450 million, over years of ongoing crowdfunding and sales of more expensive vehicles and assets. To date, it is the highest-level video game ever made and has endured enormous fan loyalty and skepticism from critics. A solo side project, Squadron 42, has also been repeatedly delayed.


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