How to Request a Higher Credit Limit on a Bank of America Card


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A credit card holder may need an increase in their line of credit for many reasons. It could be to make a big purchase, transfer a balance from another card, or improve a credit score. Applying for a line of credit increase from Bank of America is easy to do. Eligible cardholders can request an increase online, while others will need to request it over the phone.

How to Request a Line of Credit Increase from Bank of America

To determine if a card is eligible for an online credit limit increase and to request the increase:

  1. Log in to Bank of America Online Banking.
  2. Select the credit card account for which the increase is requested.
  3. Navigate to the “Account Summary” section.
  4. Under ‘Card details’, select ‘Request a credit limit increase’.

Cardholders who cannot request an increase online can call the toll-free number on the back of their Bank of America card to speak to a representative regarding the increase request.

If the request is denied, Bank of America will provide a note explaining why. Cardholders in good standing who keep their income information up-to-date in their online profile will have a better chance of being approved for a raise.

How often can a cardholder get a line of credit increase from Bank of America?

A cardholder can request a line of credit increase at any time, but may be declined if the line of credit has recently been adjusted or the account is new. A relatively new cardholder may need to show an on-time payment history on the card before Bank of America considers increasing the credit limit.

Does Bank of America automatically increase a cardholder’s credit limit?

Bank of America may automatically increase a cardholder’s credit limit if periodic review shows the account is in good standing and the cardholder has a good credit rating, sufficient income, and meets other criteria determined by Bank of America.

What is the maximum line of credit for a Bank of America card?

There is no standard maximum credit limit for a Bank of America card. The maximum credit limit is determined per cardholder. Bank of America considers several factors when determining the amount of credit to extend to a cardholder.

Is an increase in Bank of America’s credit line a blow?

Difficult credit history prints can impact your credit score. In order to avoid having an undue impact on cardholders’ credit history, Bank of America uses a soft pull to assess a request for a line of credit increase.


Bank of America may decline a line of credit increase request for many different reasons, including a low credit score, insufficient income, a history of late payments, or a recent increase or decrease in the line of credit.

Denied cardholders can take steps to address all reasons for denial and reapply within 6-12 months. However, there can be no assurance that a future increase in Bank of America’s line of credit will be approved.

Information is accurate as of July 25, 2022.

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