Capital One Quicksilver credit limit: how it works


The Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card offers 1.5% cash back, no annual fee and a APR to those with good to excellent credit. Those with fair credit can qualify for the Capital One QuicksilverOne Rewards Card and earn the same 1.5% cash back rewards for a $39 annual fee and a APR.

Regardless of the card applied for by a potential new cardholder, the creditworthiness and income of the applicant will determine the terms of their account, including the credit limit. Current and prospective cardholders may benefit from the following information about Capital One Quicksilver credit limits.

What is a credit limit?

A credit limit is the maximum amount a cardholder can charge their credit card. This includes purchases, balance transfers, cash advances and all card fees. Transaction requests that exceed a card’s credit limit are generally declined unless the cardholder has elected to accept the overlimit charge.

What are Capital One Quicksilver’s minimum and maximum credit limits?

No minimum or maximum credit card limit is stated in the Quicksilver Card Terms and Conditions. Like most card issuers, Capital One will consider the cardholder’s income, credit history, credit rating and other factors to determine their credit card limit.

Capital One will consider increasing a new cardholder’s initial credit limit once they have successfully made on-time payments for several months.

How often does the Capital One Quicksilver card increase its credit limit?

Capital One will generally not increase a cardholder’s credit limit more than once every six months. Exceptions can be made for certain accounts.

From time to time, Capital One may review cardholder accounts and grant automatic line of credit increases to eligible cardholders. Those who keep their employment and income information up to date in their Capital One profile and maintain their credit score can increase their chances of receiving an automatic credit limit increase.

Can a Capital One Quicksilver cardholder request a credit limit increase?

A Capital One cardholder doesn’t have to wait for an automatic credit limit increase; they can apply for it themselves. Capital One may take up to 30 days to approve or deny the request, although some cardholders may receive an immediate decision. The cardholder will receive a letter confirming the approval or denial. If the request is denied, the reasons for the denial will be stated in the letter.

A cardholder can easily request a Quicksilver Capital One credit limit increase through the mobile app or online.


Regardless of which Quicksilver card a cardholder has, their credit limit is determined by several factors, including their credit history, credit score, and income. Those with fair credit can expect a lower credit limit than those with good to excellent credit.

A cardholder must take steps to maintain an excellent credit rating or improve from good to good to improve their chances of increasing their Capital One Quicksilver credit limit, either automatically or on demand. A history of on-time payments and low balances can be good for anyone’s credit score.

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